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Nahimic: Improved Sound Performance

Nahimic is a software that improves your listening experience it comes with some features that add to your computer sound performance they include:

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I’M SOLAR products make solar power an option for all

What if…your home not only used energy, but created it? And what if that power could be sourced from the greatest free energy supplier ever known, the sun? Now imagine

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DietSensor – Real-time Food Nutrient Scanner and Diet Tracking app ‘Combo’ for a Balanced and Healthy Diet

Keeping track of your daily food consumption is no easy task, to say the least; from the number of calories to nutrients and ingredients quotient, as well as carbs in

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Set Your Sales Team Apart With Lead Management

Lead management is one way that you can reinforce your sales team without focusing solely on CRM. Many companies lose out on new opportunities because their sales teams don’t give

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A Brief Look at How Solar Panels Function

Whether installed on the roof of a home or used as an alternative power source for a pocket calculator, the fact of the matter is that the solar panels have

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