DietSensor – Real-time Food Nutrient Scanner and Diet Tracking app ‘Combo’ for a Balanced and Healthy Diet

Keeping track of your daily food consumption is no easy task, to say the least; from the number of calories to nutrients and ingredients quotient, as well as carbs in every meal. These are some of the primary elements that often get ignored or go unnoticed in maintaining a balanced and healthy diet. But with that said, it’s the dawn of a new era for DietSensor might just change that!

What is DietSensor

DietSensor is a real-time diet tracking app and food nutrient scanner , a combo which creates an efficient nutrition tracking tool and coaching gadget. The Entire Diet Sensor Ecosystem is made up of: A Smartphone App (Both Android and iOS), SCiO Scanner, and a growing proprietary cloud-based food database with over 600,000 entries. The SCiO scanner, developed by Israeli Company Consumer Physics, is a small handheld molecular scanner which makes use of infrared Spectroscopy to show chemical makeup of food and drinks. The application and potential of DietSensor are on a broad spectrum, it forms an ideal tool, whether for monitoring diabetes, improving general fitness, weight loss program, or in just monitoring food consumption for a balanced and healthy. All this aimed at forming an intuitive and simple to use technology that is easy to incorporate into a daily routine.

How does it Work?

The DietSensor ecosystem as identified above is made up, of the DietSensor App, the SCiO Scanner, and the growing large cloud-based food database with over 600,000 entries. So how does it work? First, you get to see of the SCiO Scanner, an Advanced technology, which makes use of infrared spectroscopy, to analyze the compositions of substances based on how their molecules interact with light. Each type of molecule in food or drinks has a unique vibration applicable in identifying its composition. These pulsations interact with light shone from the spectrometer to individual sets of Optical signatures. The discernible signatures are then collected and broken down to an array of varying wavelengths (Spectrum), using a tiny optical sensor installed on the device. The data gathered is then transferred via Bluetooth to the DietSensor app, and by the utilization of the growing cloud-based food database, translate the data to useful information showing chemical composition and calorie count among much more detailed information, crucial for a balanced and healthy diet as desired.