hash browns made in waffle maker kitchen hack

Don’t Waffle About Your Waffle Maker

I’m not going to lie. The best waffle I’ve ever eaten, hands down, was a Belgian waffle—and when I say a Belgian waffle, I truly mean a waffle that was made in Belgium, and more specifically in my case, in the city of Bruges. I wondered why Belgian waffles were reputed to have the absolute best waffles in the world, but I can now attest to the fact that this bold declaration is true. Is it the crisp, thin nature of the outer surface combined with the tasty, airy, soft interior?

hash browns made in waffle maker kitchen hack

Is it because eating one, especially with chocolate spread and whipped cream, (or strawberries and whipped cream), can transport you to a whole, different heavenly place, one where you enjoy it so much so, that « mmm »,  « ooh «  and « ah » easily and voluntarily flow from your mouth?

Once you have this kind of unforgettable experience, you can’t go back to other « regular » waffles. Each time you go out to eat and order waffles, you secretly wish for that Belgian culinary voyage back in time, but alas, you are usually sorely disappointed. Yes, it looks like a Belgian waffle with its large, deep squares but something is amiss. So how can you recreate this blissful version of a Belgian waffle yourself without having to travel all the way to Europe? You might have to either: 1) make it yourself; or 2) find someone who really knows how to make Belgian waffles!

What is required to make perfect Belgian waffles? For one, the proper equipment, specifically, a waffle maker —but not just any waffle maker, a Krampouz Waffle Maker. Why use a Krampouz Waffle Maker? These use heavy-duty cast iron that not only cooks fast and easily, but also, is easy to clean later, after your belly is full of delicious waffles! No one can argue the fact that using reliable and quality equipment will produce a terrible waffle. Having said that, another part of the equation must be fulfilled in order to make great waffles: the recipe. The recipe is equally important, if not more important. So, do your due diligence and research or experiment with the best waffle batter you can possibly make. Coupled with a Krampouz waffle maker, you can not go wrong.