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Nahimic: Improved Sound Performance

Nahimic is a software that improves your listening experience it comes with some features that add to your computer sound performance they include:

Static Noise suppression

The Noise suppression technology used by Nahimic enhances the listener’s communication by improving the quality and clarity of the sound by removing the static noises that are generated by electronic devices used around your computer like fans

Lateral Sound Cancellation

This feature uses the beam forming function that allows the user to focus only on the sound signal when using the microphone when communicating. This feature removes noises that are stationary found outside the beam this results in increased clarity when you are talking using your computer.

Echo Cancellation

This feature prevents microphones that are near from recording any sound that is reflected from any loudspeakers found near your computer device. When your conversation is echo-free, you can hear the other party clearly without any issues. Therefore enhancing your listening experience when communicating using your computer.

Voice Stabiliser

This feature increases the variation of the user’s voice dynamically. This results in the user having an intelligible conversation with the other party when using Nahimic in their computer when communicating.

Sound Tracker

This feature uses the Surround Sound Technology; this unique feature is only available to Nahimic users as it is patented. It allows better localisation of sounds when playing a game as it allows for visual indication of sounds. The sound tracker is designed to operate like a radar which shows the users when an engine is run, or a gun is shot during the game you get a visual indication that gives you a heads up that something is about to happen which allows you to navigate your game better especially if it is the first time that you are playing the game.

Voice Boost

This is a mixer that manages volume in apps and when used in VOIP. This feature is highly appreciated by players who play online multiplayer games. This feature allows team members to be able to communicate effectively as it prioritises their voice rather than the sound of the game thus allowing team members to be able to hear each other smoothly when communicating while playing the game.