I’M SOLAR products make solar power an option for all

What if…your home not only used energy, but created it? And what if that power could be sourced from the greatest free energy
supplier ever known, the sun? Now imagine you could readily buy the components to create your own solar power system straight from the manufacturer at a highly competitive price: introducing I’M SOLAR, the one stop online shop for solar energy products.

If the idea of taking control over your own solar power project and becoming a generator of energy is appealing, then I’M SOLAR’s range of products includes everything required to set up a domestic solar energy system. What’s more, the company demystifies solar energy projects. It’s never been easier to install solar panels, thanks to the inexpensive and unique light and sturdy mounting system, devised by I’M SOLAR and manufactured in its factories in Europe.

With less material required to fix the panels in place, plus the environmentally aware production process of the solar panels themselves, I’M SOLAR’s green credentials are second to none. The systems are more efficient too, producing on average 3% more electricity than other comparable solar panels.

To create your own home solar system, I’m Solar’s panels, inverters and batteries are required. The energy produced by the panels during daylight hours is converted for domestic use by the inverters and stored in the batteries. It’s even possible to switch to power from the grid at times when the household demand is high. The intelligent inverters control and manage the energy produced by the solar panels.

I’M SOLAR’s products are available internationally, backed by European-wide safety guarantees and carry a 12 year warranty. The
company has a well-established reputation for responsible manufacturing processes.

In the past, expense was a major reason for households not investing in solar panels. Now, with I’M SOLAR’s range of products, this is no longer the case. Along with ease of installation, this means I’M SOLAR products make solar energy an option for all.